Tour FAQ

What’s the difference between a mixed group and private group tour?
A mixed group tour (sometimes called a ‘join-in tour’ or ‘public tour’) is when you reserve a handful of seats within our van. Other folks might reserve the remaining seats. We’ll pick-up everyone from their respective lodgings and transport all of you together to the wineries. It’s a great way to meet new people and–especially for couples and smaller groups–to enjoy wine tour transportation without the expense of reserving an entire vehicle for yourself.

On the flip side, a private group tour is when you do want to reserve our entire vehicle for your group. Vine Ride can comfortably accommodate up to 9 guests.  This is a great option for bachelorette parties, reunions, corporate outings, and other special occasions.

Where will Vine Ride pick me up and drop me off?
At your front door! We pick up guests based in Alanson, Bay Harbor, Bay View, Boyne City, Boyne Falls, Harbor Springs, Petoskey and Walloon Lake–be it at a hotel, private residence, campground or other lodging.

If you’re located outside of this service area, please contact us before booking to see if we can accommodate you.

How many wineries will we visit on the tour?
Our afternoon wine tours last about 4 hours and include visits to 4 wineries. Our evening tours last about 3 hours and include visits to 3 wineries. Most of the wineries we visit are located within a 15-minute drive from downtown Petoskey.

How much time will we spend at each winery?
Plan on spending about 45 minutes at each winery. It depends on the size of our tour group, the overall crowd at the winery, and what activities are happening there that day.

How many people are in a tour group?
Vine Ride can comfortably accommodate up to 9 passengers in our van. Big enough for you and your friends, but not so big that you feel lost in a crowd!

May I pick which wineries we visit during the tour?
For mixed group tours, Vine Ride has the final say on which wineries the group will visit. We take winery schedules, traffic conditions, etc. into consideration to plan an optimal experience.

Private group tours may pick which wineries you want to visit, or we can guide you.

What should I wear? What should I bring with me?
Most wineries offer outdoor seating and/or an opportunity to stroll their grounds when the weather is decent. We recommend comfy walking shoes and dressing in layers based on the day’s weather forecast.

Bring a photo ID and cash or credit to cover wine tasting fees and anything else you wish to purchase. Tasting fees are typically $5 to $10 per person, per winery.

Why doesn’t Vine Ride include wine tasting fees in its price?
We believe our guests should be allowed to decide what and how much to drink at each winery. That’s why we don’t include wine tasting fees in our price. Whether you want to experience a standard tasting, share a larger flight with others, enjoy a single glass of wine, or even try the beer and hard cider that some wineries offer–the choice is yours!

Does Vine Ride provide a meal during the tour? May I bring my own food?
We don’t provide a meal, but we do offer complimentary snacks and bottled water. For heavier fare we suggest you purchase small plates from the wineries, or you may bring your own food to enjoy inside the tour vehicle.

What if the weather is iffy on the day of my tour?
“Rain or shine we wine!” If the wineries are open, then Vine Ride is too. Believe us, wine tastes just as good indoors as it does outdoors.

May I drink wine or other alcohol in the van? May I smoke in the van?
No, sorry! Vine Ride does not permit guests to drink alcohol or smoke inside our tour vehicle.

May I bring my kids on the tour?
Vine Ride is open to any adult age 21 and over.

How much do I tip the chauffeur?
Tipping is completely optional, but appreciated if you do. We aim to provide fantastic service regardless! A suggested tip range would be $5 to $10 per guest.

Does Vine Ride visit wineries down in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties?
Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties are home to many fantastic wineries, but Vine Ride is dedicated to the fantastic ones right here in our own Petoskey backyard.

Does Vine Ride offer gift cards?
We sure do! You can purchase them here.

What is Vine Ride’s cancellation policy?
Many aspects of our wine tours are coordinated in advance. However, we understand plans may change. Guests who contact us to cancel 10 days or more before their tour date will receive a full refund. Guests who contact us with less than 10 days notice may reschedule their tour to another date, subject to availability.